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But you often get this instead.

(It’s called concept drift.)  

Projects can be frustrating when all the right ingredients don’t come together seamlessly.


You wanted a beautiful juicy burger, and yet somehow out of the conventional process you find yourself with some average meat between some bread and a pile of wilted salad and for some random reason there’s satay sauce?  Never mind the cheese that you ordered that never came. 


It seemed easy enough at the beginning. You hired people and they came in and out of the project. Theoretically they were supposed to all be on the same page. So what’s with the disparity? 


Unfortunately, this  is all too common in the industry. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? At the collective, we  ensure all services and consultants come from the same source at the same time. Everyone is united and have a track record of working with each other. And for every project, talking together and forming your strategy from day one. 

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